Primary Information

The poisonous cousin of the Great Jaggi, an encounter with Great Wroggi is structured much the same way as with the G. Jaggi. The major difference here is that Great Wroggi spits lingering clouds of poison that are painfully easy to walk into for the uninitiated. Bring plenty of Antidotes (Antidote Herbs and Blue Mushrooms combined) or you'll find yourself dead without the G. Wroggi having to actually touch you.


1 (out of 5)

Elemental Weaknesses

Ice (Water does a bit of extra damage too, but not nearly as much as Ice)

Physiological Weak-points

Either the Head or the Body work depending on the weapon you bring along. Cutting weapons do extra damage to Great Wroggi's Head, while Impact weapons like Hunting Horns and Hammers do more to the body. Guns do roughly the same to both respectively, with the Head taking slightly more damage than the body.

Stagger and Knockdown Points

Head: Staggers
Body: Staggers and Knocks Down

Roar (Becoming Angry)

Great Wroggi will stomp the ground twice and roar to indicate that it is angry. It is not loud enough to cause hunters to plug their ears, but it is an excellent indicator that G. Wroggi is going to start spitting poison far more frequently than before. Be a limit more defense at this point in order to avoid the poison and get in close to Great Wroggi while it is spitting it.

When Angry


Breakable Body Parts

Throat Sack



Roaming Territory

Flooded Forest: 1, 2 (Starting Point), 7, 9, 10 (Sleeping Point)
Volcano: 1, 2, 3 (Sleeping Point), 4, 5 (Starting Point), 7


Great Wroggi is almost identical to the Great Jaggi in every way, even down to the attacks it does. The only new move you need to watch out for is its Poison Cloud attack. You should also be aware that it can chain Frontal and Side Bites together for a trickier series of attacks that will very easily catch inexperienced hunters off guard.

Frontal Bite

Great Wroggi will attempt to bite you 1-2 times if you're standing directly in front of it. It can also chain the first bite into a Side Bite, giving it more range that the Great Jaggi's Frontal Bite. Dodging to either side of G. Wroggi will help avoid this attack with ease, as the Great Wroggi cannot change its course once it has started the attack.

Side Bite

The Side Bite is much the same as a Frontal Bite, but is instead aimed at hunters behind it and on its sides. This attack can also be followed up immediately with a Frontal Bite, so be on your guard. Don't worry too much though, because this attack can be dodged simply by rolling away from the Great Wroggi.

Tail Whip

The Tail Whip is a move that has Great Wroggi jumping while spinning 180 degrees. This move is almost always performed twice, allowing Great Wroggi to spin in a full 360 degree motion. It has a lot of range, but isn't particularly strong or fast; really it's more of a nuisance, because getting hit will knock you on your butt. There isn't much of a tell for when G. Wroggi is going to perform this attack, but it's so easily dodged that you don't really need one.

Shoulder Press

The Shoulder Press is likely G. Wroggi's most damaging melee attack. While the Poison Cloud attack can do more damage over time, this attack will knock you across the floor and take a nice chunk of your health. Before performing this attack, Great Wroggi will let out a small grunt while its side is turned to you. If you hear this, roll immediately to G. Wroggi's left or right or put up your shield. The Shoulder Press can cover a great deal of terrain, but it only moves in a straight line.
When Angry, Great Wroggi may perform this attack several times in a row, so watch yourself.

Poison Cloud

Great Wroggi will lift its head and spit a lingering cloud of poison that will, of course, poison you if you make contact with it. When you see the G. Wroggi tilt its head back and its Throat Sack puff up, roll to the left or right of it to avoid the poisonous mist. This attack is blockable with shielded weapons like the Sword and Shield, Lance, Gunlance and Greatsword.
Breaking G. Wroggi's Throat Sack will lessen the amount of time that the Poison Cloud spends lingering in the air. It will also cut the distance at which the Poison Cloud travels.
During G-Rank hunts against the Great Wroggi, the Poison Cloud can be fired in a more concentrated dose. Keep your eyes on G. Wroggi's Throat Sack to see if it puffs up more than normal. This is will inform you as to when it is about to shoot a super dose of poison into its Poison Cloud.
Also, be warned: Great Wroggi will use this move more consistently when angry.


Just like the Great Jaggi, G. Wroggi will lift its head toward the sky and begin to howl like an angry chimp. When it does that, several Wroggi will pop in to help their leader. Wroggi can also spit poison, but it doesn't linger in the same way the Great Wroggi's Poison Cloud does. Things can still get incredibly hairy when you have so many different monsters spitting poison at you, so don't take these little Wroggi lightly.

General Strategy

Almost every aspect of this fight is the same as with the Great Jaggi with the only exception being that G. Wroggi spits poisonous clouds. Bring plenty of Antidotes, dodge out of the way of his Poison Clouds and you'll be fine. Work his body to knock him over and work his head to break the poison sack attached to his throat. G. Wroggi will run from zone to zone a lot, so be prepared for a longer, more irritating fight than what you experienced with the Great Jaggi.



Body Carves – Can Carve 3 Times

G. Wroggi Hide         - 40%
G. Wroggi Claw        - 27%
Poison Sac                 - 25%
Wroggi Scale             -   8%

Capture Rewards

G. Wroggi Brace        - 40%
Poison Sac                 - 40%
G. Wroggi Hide         - 20%

Wound Rewards

Destroying its Throat Sack:
King's Beak               - 50%
Poison Sac                 - 50%

Tear Drops

Drops when throat sack is broken or when Great Wroggi is dying and limps out of the zone.
Wyvern Tear              - 75%     
Wroggi Scale             - 25%


Body Carves – Can Carve 3 Times

G. Wroggi Hide+       - 40%
Toxic Sac                   - 21%
G. Wroggi Brace+     - 19%
G. Wroggi Hide         -   8%
G. Wroggi Brace       -   7%
Bird Wyvern Gem     -   5%

Capture Rewards

Toxic Sac                   - 38%
G. Wroggi Brace+     - 35%
G. Wroggi Hide+       - 15%
Poison Sac x 2            -  8%
Bird Wyvern Gem      -  4%

Wound Rewards

Destroying its Throat Sack:
King's Beak                - 60%
Toxic Sac x 2              - 30% 
Bird Wyvern Gem      - 10%

Tear Drops

Drops when throat sack is broken or when Great Wroggi is dying and limps out of the zone.
Wyvern Tear              - 50%
Large Wyvern Tear    - 25%
G. Wroggi Hide+       - 23%
Bird Wyvern Gem     -   2%


Body Carves – Can Carve 3 Times

G. Wroggi Piel           - 46%
G. Wroggi Brace+     -  22%
Toxic Sac                   - 16%
G. Wroggi Hide+       - 11%
Fey Wyvern Gem      -   5%

Capture Rewards

G. Wroggi Piel           - 58%
G. Wroggi Brace+ x 2- 35%
Fey Wyvern Gem       -   7%

Wound Rewards

Destroying its Throat Sack:
Imperial Beak             - 70%
Bird Wyvern Gem      - 23%
Fey Wyvern Gem       -   7%

Tear Drops

Drops when throat sack is broken or when Great Wroggi is dying and limps out of the zone.
Large Wyvern Tear    - 40%
Wyvern Tear              - 30%
G. Wroggi Piel           - 27%
Fey Wyvern Gem       -   3%

And that's all for the Great Wroggi. Read the Arzouros Guide, or check back for more Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate monster guides.