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Missing a Character In Grand Theft Auto Online? Don’t Fill Their Spot

by Prima Games Staff

Some folks have reported that particular characters and items have gone missing in Grand Theft Auto Online, forcing them to start over from scratch. However, today, Rockstar posted a new update that suggests that you shouldn’t do this, as your character might not be missing after all.

On the company’s support website, Rockstar suggests that you should not create a new character to fill the empty slot where your old one used to be. Why? Because they’re not deleted. The character actually remains in the cloud back-up, and the publisher suggests leaving it blank so it can be put back in place once the servers are restored.

The best way to go this is back out of GTA 5’s Story Mode, if you should happen to see the “Rockstar Could Servers Are Unavailable” message, and try to re-enter the Online version through the pause menu. Don’t use the “retry” option, as this could accidentally delete your character.

Full details are at the link above. It’s important to keep your character because you spent a good amount of time creating them, right?

Grand Theft Auto Online is available now for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, as a supplementary download to Grand Theft Auto 5. Be sure to check out our Free Guide for full coverage on the game!

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