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Mini eGuide: DmC: Devil May Cry Bosses

by Prima Games Staff

DmC: Devil May Cry, the latest in Capcom’s ongoing action/adventure series, is a nice change of pace from the norm, thanks to the unmatched development work by Ninja Theory, the makers of Heavenly Sword and Enslaved.  They’ve managed to inject the series with some fresh new gameplay elements, as well a boss fights that will keep you chipping away until they’re defeated.  Sure, there are only five within the game, but they all take a significant amount of damage, and you’ll need to be fast on your feet.

If you’re having trouble bringing them down, never fear – we’re here to help.  We’ve provided five breakdowns of what you need to do to stomp these bosses flat, whether it’s using your evasion, weapon slashing, or the combination of angel lifts and demon pulls.  All of these put together, no matter what difficulty you’re on, should eventually bring these suckers down.

Obviously, spoiler alert here – use this guide only if you’re really stuck!


What better place to start than with this nasty creature, a demon that works under the employ of the evil Mungus?  She sits in a temple beneath the Virility soda factory, producing the “secret ingredient” that’s making humans weaker when they drink it.  Dante’s not much of a fan of the drink, and, well, she’s not too crazy about him either.

Poison does have some offensive abilities, mainly with swinging her arms across the platform that Dante’s standing on, as well as a roar that can distract him for a second and vomit that spills all over the floor.  Dante can easily dodge the vomit by using angel lift to get to another platform, then come back to strike Poison in the arms, chipping away at her energy.  

When she’s weak enough, a point will radiate on her forehead for further damage.  Then all you need to do is work your way to other platforms and remove support wires that are strapped into her back.

Once you remove these wires, she’s down for the count, and all you need to do is strike at her some more and use demon pull to shake her loose, and a giant industrial fan will do the rest, chopping her to pieces.


Mundus’ right hand lady is a nasty creature, one who consistently needs to tighten wires on her back to prevent her skin from flopping off.  But she harbors an even deadlier secret, a grotesque sized baby that’s pretty nasty in strength.  However, it doesn’t harbor the greatest of speed, and here’s where Dante can really do some damage to it.

You’ll need to use Angel Lift to work your way up to the baby’s weak spot, on its back.  Chip away at it enough (while avoiding its incoming strikes) and it’ll reveal another one on its forehead.  It’s a tough fight, especially on harder difficulty, but one that you can eventually win with enough strikes.

But the baby takes up just one half of the energy bar.  You’ll also need to drag out Lilith, who’s attached through a gross umbilical cord, and strike away at her with close-range attacks.  She’s eventually sucked back in, so the more damaging your blows (like with the demon axe), the better.  The duo eventually fall when you drain them both of energy…and it’s on to the next one.

Bob Barbas

Bob is a virtual nightmare for Dante, as you don’t physically face off against him, but rather a Tron-like computerized head that spits out all sorts of attacks, including virtual walls with very limited open space and huge laser beams that spread across the map, damaging you if they make contact.  

The goal here is to break through the weak points in the walls with your dash attack, and then strike Barbas’ head while it’s down for the count.  But the boss fight isn’t as easily over as you might think.  

In between his strikes, he’ll break to a news report style sequence, where you’ll need to fight drones in real time as a news ticker plays underneath.  Keep steady on your attacks, however, and you’ll cut right through them, eventually facing off against Barbas again, hitting weak points that appear on the grid with a downward strike and opening up for the final blows.  A couple of bullets in the TV screen later (through a cinematic sequence) and he’s off the air for good.


This demon king is one huge mother, a large demon that enjoys shooting fire blasts from his arm, vomiting what appears to be a large red stream of lava on the platforms, and pounding his fists.  But there is a formula to bringing him down.  

On his fists you’ll find a grapple point for your angel lift, bringing you in close so you can strike multiple times.  You’ll need to dodge his incoming attacks (and keep moving in mid-air when the lava is on the platforms), but eventually you begin a sequence when you can start chipping away at his arms, leaving him wounded.

When he eventually gets to the form when he’s without arms (which does take a bit of time, he’s rather strong), he begins shooting fire blasts from his back and roaring from his mouth.  After his initial roar, move in and strike in his mouth several times.  Repeat a few times and he’ll eventually get to the point where Dante can rip out the smaller Mungus form from the demon, and finally bring him down.


Despite the demon opposition that’s within the game and the character you’ll face, the final boss battle revolves around your own brother, Vergil, whose views on the human race oppose yours.  This sets up the final conflict in the ruins of the city, where he’ll come at you with light generated swords that he launches like bullets and ground strikes with his sword.  

He’ll block a number of your attacks at first, but he does set himself up by weakening on defense, or coming in for a sliding maneuver.  Once you see the opening, you’ll need to strike quick, slowly chipping away at his energy bar.

As the boss fight goes on, he’ll try launching projectiles at you with his sword, along with the blades and his sliding attacks.  Here, the evade button is going to be your best friend, and you’ll need to move quickly to counterattack, lest you lose your opportunity and set him back up on the defensive.  Watch out for his teleports, as he’ll try dive kicking you as well.  But if he misses, another chance emerges to strike him quickly.

Get enough hits on him and he’ll go down, setting up the game’s conclusion.

Good luck with these boss battles.  Now get to fighting!

DmC: Devil May Cry is available now for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and releasing tomorrow for PC.

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