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Minecraft Dungeons: Release Date And Gameplay

by John Cooper

Microsoft isn’t messing around at all this year at E3. After a few release dates and a brand-new title from Ninja Theory, we’ve now seen our first look at a new game from the creators of Minecraft. In case you’ve somehow missed it, Minecraft is one of the best selling games of all time and it has been released at least once on nearly everything ever. While this one isn’t a sequel, it does appear to be set in the same blocky universe.

Showing a collection of players from an isometric viewpoint making their way through hordes of baddies, picking up loot, and generally just trying to survive, Minecraft Dungeons is taking the series in a new direction. While the same cutesy block-based visuals remain, the gameplay itself looks to be a little bit more in the style of Diablo. This new dungeon-crawling look for the game could be an incredibly fun experience, but it all depends on how well they implement the combat given the somewhat iffy combat shown in the main game. 

Given the overwhelming success of Minecraft, this new game has a lot to live up to, but it does look pretty interesting. This continues the tradition of the original by having 4 player co-op and clearly being aimed at the younger generations. Though the extra depth promised by things like loot and potentially even classes, it may well be good for all ages. 

We can all start teaming up and taking down some monsters and getting on that loot treadmill when the game releases in spring 2020. 

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