The studio WayForward has announced its plans to release Mighty Switch Force HD on the Wii U, as one of the first downloadable titles.

Matt Bozon, the game’s creative director, broke the news on the upcoming reboot during an interview with Nintendo Power. "We've really enjoyed developing for Nintendo's download services and really want to be there for the Wii U launch," he said.

Bozon said the Wii U edition will feature a graphical style much like the hand-drawn artwork seen in the A Boy and His Blob Wii remake, also developed by WayForward. The HD reboot will also have the “bonus incidents” and retry functionality seen in the 3DS edition of the title. There’ll be new content too, providing the team manage to fit it into its schedule.

"We're having a tough time putting our pencils down, so we may end up adding even more features before we're done. I guess we'll have to wait and see what's possible before launch!" explained Bozon.

The Wii U edition will use the GamePad’s screen as a map, much like WayForward had used the bottom 3DS screen. There’s also be an option to play the game just on the GamePad while an on-screen compass directs players. "While this is admittedly not a groundbreaking use of the second screen, it does give the player a few very handy options," Bozon said.

Bozon also made reference to pixel-based games WayForward are planning to make and revealed that the studio is planning further downloadable releases for the 3DS and Wii U.