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Microsoft Planning Xbox 720 Event In April?

by Prima Games Staff

Microsoft didn’t exactly have startling words this week with the reveal of the PlayStation 4 (Major Nelson himself was wondering why there was a console reveal without a console – valid point), but soon enough it’ll have its chance to take the stage.

According to various reports across the Internet, the company is planning an event this April that will finally lift the lid on Microsoft’s next generation system, one that’s been rumored for months now with a number of features, such as an improved Kinect and backwards compatibility.  Nothing is confirmed yet, but soon enough, it seems.

On top of that, Microsoft has actually registered the domain “”, indicating that it’ll be the official place where you can go and watch the announcement as it’s happening.  (This is according to a listing performed by Eventcore, the same team that registered the domains for the game console maker’s 2012 E3 press conference.)

There is some validity here, but until Microsoft confirms that the event is actually happening, your guess is as good as ours.  We’ll see it soon enough, though…and bring you all the details once it’s ready to go.

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