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Microsoft Officially Announces the Xbox One

by Prima Games Staff

It’s official – the next generation Xbox is a thing, and with it Microsoft is going back to One.

The company revealed its Xbox One system for the first time this morning during its presentation, showing off a controller that looks very similar to the original Xbox 360 model (but a little shinier).  It also features a set-top box and a much sleeker Kinect unit, one that’s more compact than the previous one.

The system will be cloud-powered, according to the brief ad following its reveal, and you’ll be experiencing gaming and television-supported features through the system.

The company walked through a demo for the unit following its reveal, demonstrating turning on your TV and interacting with various devices.  You can turn it on by saying “Xbox on”.  It’ll also remember what you were doing last, such as playing a game or watching a movie.  You can also say “Xbox TV” and go right over to your TV programming.  You can also switch between various services instantaneously, simply by vocal commands.  (The new Internet Explorer tool looks great, too.)

We’ve got more Xbox One news to come in the hours ahead, so be sure to check back. 

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