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Microsoft Investing One Billion Dollars in Xbox One Exclusives

by Prima Games Staff

Microsoft took a strong foothold in the gaming industry with its Xbox 360 over the years.  Still, some couldn’t help but notice that Sony had grabbed the lead when it came to exclusive titles, such as the Uncharted trilogy and the God of War saga.  But that may not be the case the next time around.

In an interview with Official Xbox Magazine Phil Spencer and Don Mattrick of Microsoft stated that the company was investing $1 billion in exclusives for the next console, guaranteeing that we’ll be seeing those 15 exclusive games that were promised at last week’s reveal and a whole lot more.

“We just ran through our (release slate) and counted the number of exclusives, and looked at the amount of money that we’re spending and the deals that we have, exclusive windows and (things to create differentiation),” said Mattrick.  “I think, candidly, people are way, way under-indexing how hard we’re punching.”

The Xbox One had faced some criticism following last week’s reveal, with a lot of focus going into the system’s features, rather than games.  But not to worry – the rest of the story will be revealed in just under two weeks time, as Microsoft’s pre-E3 showcase will focus primarily on games, including a “retro” Rare surprise.

“There are great hits, there’s innovation, and there are world class creators plugged in,” Mattrick concluded.  “You know, I keep track of it all, and I hope everyone here does – we kind of look back at all the different years and at what we shipped, how many units have sold.  There’s a lot of hyperbole about things, but I think we’re going to deliver.”

Look for a full recap of the event on June 10th.

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