Rockstar Games, still reeling in the success of the thrilling Max Payne 3, is ready to give players just a little bit more starting next week.

The new DLC pack "Disorganized Crime" is set to arrive across the board on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on August 28th.  In the new pack, you'll gain access to a new multiplayer map called Hoboken Rooftops, and also be able to turn on a new Score Attack modifier in Arcade Mode.  Explosive rounds can also be purchased, and new headshots-only contests will be unlocked.  Imagine if you combined the two!

Finally, if you're seeking a worthwhile challenge, the "Disorganized Crime" pack also has a more aggressive AI setting, as well as a great new Noir mode that lets you play through the entire game in classic black-and-white.  And you thought Rockstar didn't love its fans.

You can check out Max Payne 3 now, and we highly suggest doing so.  Wonderful sequel.