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Next Mass Effect Location Teased With Never-Before-Seen Concept Art

by Liana Ruppert

We’ve conquered the Reapers, we’ve explored Andromeda – what’s next for the Mass Effect franchise? This new Mass Effect concept art could hold the answer to our burning questions. 

Yesterday was N7 day, an unofficial-made-official holiday that celebrates BioWare’s iconic Mass Effect franchise. Whether you found yourself in the great Commander Shepard, or loved the goofy nerdiness found in Pathfinder Ryder, there’s no doubt that the Mass Effect series has taken us to some incredible places. 

With the studio constantly reminding fans that – despite fears – the Mass Effect franchise is not “done,” though it is on hiatus, it looks like BioWare’s own Casey Hudson couldn’t help to tease the future of this beloved series at the tailend of the celebration despite no official reveal in the cards. 

“We have so many ideas for what we want to do in Mass Effect,” began Hudson, “so much concept art that hasn’t yet been brought to life, and so many stories yet to tell.” The repetitious “yet” breeds hope regarding a vision for what’s next for Mass Effect’s future. The studio has teased in the past that they aren’t sure if they want to revisit Andromeda or start with a brand new tale once more, but as a hardcore Mass Effect fan myself: I just want more. 

What do you hope to see from the future of Mass Effect? Though Shepard’s story is done, would you want to see something more of their companions? Or revisit Ryder? Or something else entirely? Hit us up over on Twitter @PrimaGames to get your Mass Effect theory hat on and sound off! 

Liana Ruppert

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