Yesterday saw the release of the Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut downloadable content for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, providing a “better” ending for fans who were requesting it by providing a bit more closure around the saga of Commander Shepard and his merry band of assisting heroes.  But does that mean the story is over?  Not by the look of it.

Some keen-eyed players who went through the Extended Cut yesterday uncovered some information that could very well lead to additional DLC coming out down the road.  

NOTE: There are spoilers ahead, so you might want to play through the game before reading on.

In the mission, you’ll be asked to track down another Reaper by the name of Leviathan, named after a serpent that would guard the gates of Hell.  In the mission, you supposedly head on a rescue mission to find a scientist named Ann Brynson, but along the way, you’ll find the Leviathian plays a part in the story.  However, rather than being a new villain, it could be an ally, as it has turned its back against its fellow Reapers.  As such, you can possibly add it to your crew.

Bioware hasn’t confirmed this new DLC yet, but come on, why stop a good adventure when it’s going so well?