When Klei Entertainment unleashed its long-awaited Mark of the Ninja on Xbox Live Arcade earlier this month, it treated players to a truly authentic ninja experience. You get all the thrills of being a bad-ass and killing someone with your sword, while also sneaking carefully so that you can do so while being undetected. After all, no ninja likes being filled with bullet holes.


But why just let Xbox 360 owners have all the fun? Today Klei Entertainment has announced that it is bringing Mark of the Ninja to PC via Steam starting October 16th. Though a price wasn't discussed, somewhere around $10-$15 is to be expected. That's a small price to pay for ninja awesomeness, especially with the varying missions that you'll be able to take on.


While you're at it, you might want to try out Klei Entertainment's Shank games. They look great in high-definition and deliver the kind of action you'd come to expect from the likes of Contra. Plus you can make a bad guy eat a grenade. Yum!


Check out Mark of the Ninja when it premieres next month.