Mark Cerny Talks PlayStation 4 Development at Gamelab 2013

You can watch the entire 45+ minute discussion.

Mark Cerny has played a significant role in video games over the years.  He got his start with the arcade classic Marble Madness and has since contributed to a number of great franchises, including Crash Bandicoot and Ratchet and Clank.

Now his role is bigger than ever before, as he’s playing a huge part in the development of Sony’s PlayStation 4 console, which will make its debut later this year.  Yesterday during the Gamelab 2013 event in Barcelona, Spain, Cerny had a chance to talk about how he helped get the PlayStation 4 to market.

In the speech – which is approximately 47 minutes in length – Cerny talks about how closely he worked with Sony, and how much games have changed over the years, starting with the original PlayStation and moving into today’s systems.  It’s a fascinating watch, especially if you want an insider’s view of what goes into making a game console.

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