Just in time for the holidays, Mad Catz has broken out fighting.  In a good way, of course.

The company has announced today that it has begun shipping their limited edition Tekken Tag Tournament 2 FightSticks, featuring quality component parts that make you feel like you're playing on an arcade machine.  These include underside foam padding for sustained comfort, as well as interchangeable graphic decals, if you feel like a change of pace.   

What's cool is that Mad Catz has released this as the first licensed FightStick for the Wii U, giving users an option outside of the GamePad and the Pro Controller that really makes them feel like they're in control.  It's also available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

"We're pleased to extend our relationship with Namco Bandai Games and particularly excited to introduce a Tournament Edition fighting game controller to the new Wii U console." said Darren Richardson, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. "We believe that the new FightStick will enable us to further grow our position as market leaders in this category."

You can get it for $159.99 at this link.