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Another weapon gone.

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In a major change for the Call of Duty League, the M4 assault rifle has officially been restricted through a Gentleman’s Agreement. While the classic AR may have been the most popular weapon in the opening weekend for the CDL, you won’t be seeing it much longer.

Not long after the opening weekend came to a close, pro teams in the CDL discussed the use of the M4. Eventually, the decision came down to a vote where the number quickly reached seven in favor of a GA. With at last seven teams in agreement, the M4 has been sidelined and a new weapon will have to take its place.

Why Has the M4 been GA’d in the CDL?

Weapons have already been added to the Gentleman’s Agreement list for the 2023 CDL season, and this is typically done to create more balance in the competitive Modern Warfare 2 space. Because there is a new Call of Duty every year, the new weapons usually come out needing adjustments and the professional teams take it into their own hands to balance out the competitive meta.

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Both the STB 556 and the AK-74u were already GA’d at launch due to how much power they have. The AK-74u in particular is one of the best guns in Modern Warfare 2 and can do it all. With those two on the list, the M4 became the preferred weapon in the CDL, but it also became too good. Players have been able to use it with success at nearly any range, ensuring that the meta is dictated by one weapon.

With the most recent vote, the M4 is gone and hip fire attachment rules have also been adjusted for underbarrels. Going forward, you should expect to see far more players using the TAQ-56 and the Vaznev-9k. Whether the M4 GA lasts remains to be seen, but the upcoming weekend should tell us plenty about the new meta.

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