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Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon – Gloomy Manor Walkthrough – Confront the Source

How to defeat the giant spider!
This article is over 11 years old and may contain outdated information

The last mandatory mission in Gloomy isn’t for people afraid of creepie crawlies; you’re about to encounter a giant arachnid. Don’t worry though; we’re here to help with another extract from our fresh and tasty Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon eGuide.

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Confront the Source

Professor E. Gadd’s Mission Description

This paranormal reading is off the charts! I don’t know what’s down in that Cellar, but it’s not happy. Why don’t you…uh…investigate?

Locate the Source

When the mission starts, you’re transported to the Lobby. Open the safe and search the surrounding objects, then use the elevator to reach level B1.


If you attempt to leave through any of the Lobby’s doors, Professor E. Gadd stops you. During this mission, you can only access the Lobby and the Cellar.

When you reach the Cellar, walk down the steps and hook back to the right. Open the chest below the landing, then use the Dark-Light Device to reveal the treasure in the nearby framed sketch.

After you collect the available treasure, follow the cellar north. As you approach the two closest suits of armor, the figure on the left slams a torch to the ground—keep your distance, or move quickly to avoid being struck.

As you pass the torch, look for the treasure high on the wall to the right. To free the coins, vacuum the web holding them in place.

When you reach the large web blocking your path, vacuum the loose bundle and pull it until you trigger a cinematic.


The rest of this mission involves an extended battle that can be divided into three distinct phases. Many of the game’s encounters share this format.

Phase 1

A giant spider appears, knocking you away from the bundled webbing. When you recover, approach the spider until it rears back. Flash its green glowing eyes with the Strobulb, then run in and vacuum the bundle before the spider recovers.

Pull the bundle back to the torch-bearing suit of armor. As you move, watch out for the giant spider’s toxic blobs. Each time a blob hits the ground, move out of its path without releasing the bundle.


The strain of pulling the bundle limits your agility, but releasing the bundle will force you to restart the battle’s current phase.

Pull the bundle onto the board at the base of the armor. When the torch slams down, the flame follows the webbing back toward the giant spider. As the fire spreads, the spider is thrown to the ground, jarring the hidden Grouchy Possessor into the open.

When the cinematic ends, the Grouchy Possessor raises a protective shield and prepares a charge attack. Move out of the ghost’s path to avoid being hit.

When the Grouchy Possessor collides with a wall, the shield dissipates. Flash the ghost with the Strobulb and latch on with the Poltergust. Fill the Power Gauge and perform an A-Pull to peel away the Grouchy Possessor’s first layer. The weakened ghost flies away and regains control of the giant spider.

As the Grouchy Possessor retreats, take cover near a wall to avoid the spider’s impending charge. Wait for the spider dash past you and skitter back to its starting point. When the spider crashes through the newly revealed bricks, the battle’s second phase begins.

Phase 2

Clear out the red spiders that appear and watch for incoming toxic blobs. Stand below the chandelier and aim the Poltergust toward the ceiling. Press and hold to spin the chandelier until the attached bundle passes through the torch and ignites the nearby webs, freeing a pike-wielding suit of armor.


While the chandelier gains speed, you must dodge the giant spider’s toxic attacks.


The Poltergust’s vacuum function will also spin the chandelier, but the blower mode ensures the bundled webbing doesn’t get caught in your equipment.

Approach the giant spider and wait for it to rear back. Use the Strobulb to flash its eyes, then vacuum the nearby bundle and pull it back to the pike-wielding suit of armor. During this phase, you must dodge the giant spider’s attacks and avoid the red spiders that drop down in your path. Watch for the red shadows that appear on the ground and adjust your path accordingly.

Drag the bundle onto the board near the pike-wielding suit of armor. When the pike skewers the bundle, return to the chandelier and use the Poltergust’s blower function to spin it up to speed. Dodge the incoming toxic blobs until the bundle attached to the chandelier ignites the bundle at the end of the pike. Keep your distance to avoid being caught in the resulting flare-up.

When the Grouchy Possessor is thrown to the ground, run in and flash it with the Strobulb—if you’re fast enough, you can stun the ghost before it has a chance to raise its shield. If you fail to stun the Grouchy Possessor, dodge its charge attacks until it lowers its shield. Once you catch the ghost with a Strobulb flash, latch on and perform an A-Pull to remove another layer.

As the Grouchy Possessor returns to the giant spider, take cover to avoid its charge attack.

Phase 3

After the giant spider crashes through the next brick wall, run in to begin the battle’s third phase. Dodge the incoming toxic blobs, and flash any red spiders that drop into your path. Approach the giant spider until it rears back, then use the Strobulb to flash its eyes. While it reacts, vacuum the web-ball near the east wall—for now, ignore the bundle of webbing directly below the giant spider.

Carry the web-ball all the way back to the Cellar’s south end. During the trip, you must dodge incoming toxic blobs and an endless supply of red spiders. Your speed is severely limited, but it’s best to keep moving. When you reach the torch-bearing suit of armor, hold the web-ball over the board until the torch slams down.

Carry the flaming ball all the way back the length of the Cellar. The fire can clear any red spiders in your path, but you must still dodge the toxic blobs. Walk around the pillars that topple away from the walls, and use the flaming ball to free the suit of armor near the giant spider.

Hold to free the flaming ball from the Poltergust’s nozzle, then approach the giant spider. When the spider rears back, use the Strobulb to flash its eyes, then vacuum the bundled webbing beneath it. Drag the bundle to the nearby suit of armor, and hold it above the board until the torch slams down.


As you drag this final bundle, there’s very little room to dodge toxic blobs and red spiders. Stay alert!

As the flame burns toward the spider, move quickly to get clear of the flare-up. When the Grouchy Possessor is thrown to the ground, flash it with the Strobulb and latch on with the Poltergust. Fill the Power Gauge and perform an A-Pull to capture the ghost and reveal a Dark Moon piece.

When you’re ready, approach the Dark Moon piece to trigger a cinematic. When it ends, answer the Duel Scream to complete the mission and return to the Bunker.


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