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Lollipop Chainsaw’s Juliet Starling Crossing Over into Killer is Dead in Japan

by Prima Games Staff

In Suda 51’s upcoming Killer is Dead game, assassin Mondo Zappa already has his hands full with a number of femme fatales. However, it appears a certain cheerleader will also join the party.

A new trailer for the action/adventure indicates that Juliet Starling, the 18-year old chainsaw-swinging dynamo who rose a ruckus in Lollipop Chainsaw last year will appear in the game – and in a French maid costume, no less.

Grasshopper Manufacture confirmed that Juliet would be in the game as a hidden character.  Those who find her will be eligible to enter a contest, where a replica of Mondo’s katana “Gekkou” is up for grabs, along with T-shirts, coasters and postcards.

Unfortunately, the contest revolves around the Japanese version of the game, and there’s no word if XSEED will have a similar promotion here in the U.S. – or if Juliet will appear in the game at all.  Here’s hoping she does show up, because it’s always nice to see Suda 51 invite more ladies to the party.  Who better than a cheerleader with a chainsaw?

Killer Is Dead releases on August 27th for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.