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Live Action Cowboy Bebop Show to Feature Yoko Kanno as Composer

by Lucas White

Today, Netflix gave us a small taste of its upcoming live action Cowboy Bebop adaptation. Originally a Sunrise-produced anime series, Cowboy Bebop is a show many millennial anime fans hold close. That taste was a legitimate surprise, as it was revealed Yoko Kanno is returning to produce original music for the new show.

This news comes as part of Geeked Week, a livestream event featuring all the fandom-friendly content coming to Netflix. In the video we saw the three main actors in the show, John Cho, Daniella Pineda and Mustafa Shakir. They sit down in preparation for an apparent interview, before being interrupted by what sounds like a new arrangement of Yoko Kanno’s classic Cowboy Bebop theme.

The video cuts to announce there’s no Cowboy Bebop without Kanno, and that means Kanno is back for the live action version. A tweet from Netflix Geeked notes Kanno will be “creating the soundtrack,” implying this is more than a cameo role. Also, Netflix notes that the new series will be premiering this coming Fall, 2021.

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