Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth Features Animal Crossing-Style Island

I'm beyond ready for this Island Adventure.

If you’re anything like me, you never expected the upcoming Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth to throw its hand into the realm of cozy games, but stranger things have happened. New details during the Xbox Partner showcase show off new in-game activities, including an Animal Crossing-style island.

Video via Xbox Partner Showcase

Dondoko Island is looking to bring the cozy vibes of Animal Crossing into the silly, yet serious world of Like A Dragon. With this being the first adventure that Ichiban and Kiryu embark upon together in America, there had to be a little bit of Japanese style hidden somewhere, and this remote island looks to be exactly what dreams are made of. But what is waiting for us? I’m glad you asked.

It looks like fishing, extreme customization of the island before you, photography, and even the interactive elements between villagers taking refuge on your newly crafted island bring the experience together. If tools aren’t breakable here, I’ll have my new favorite world to slip into. There’s also a sneak peek at Ichiban riding a dolphin, which may be its own unique minigame, but only time will tell what really awaits us on this new piece of land.

While the Like A Dragon games are known for their serious plots, they’re not afraid to break off into some slightly silly elements, and it seems that Dondoko Island is just the first peak into the wild world of what America has in store for our two heroes.

Not only will players have the opportunity to create their own little world, but the ability to gather resources, build new buildings, and interact with Dondoko Island in a way never before seen in the franchise makes it all the more exciting. Adorable mascots, alongside plenty of cozy vibes, await us when we finally make our way into Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth on January 26, 2024.

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