PAX Prime is now just a few days away from happening in Seattle, and gamer geeks everywhere are flocking to see what new information comes from the event.  Square Enix, a company that has never been shy about its big franchises, is the first out of the game, announcing that they'll have something up their sleeve for Final Fantasy fans come September 1st.

There, a presentation will take place that will show a "new direction" for the main hero from the Final Fantasy XIII games, Lightning.  The tireless protagonist from those games is said to have a little something new -- maybe even an action-oriented title along the lines of what Raiden's doing in Metal Gear Rising Revengeance.  (But that's unconfirmed at the moment."

"Key members of the Final Fantasy XIII development team including the producer, director and art director, are in preparations to present new information about the direction of Lightning's Story," said the company.

We're eager to see what unfolds.  Be sure to check back for a full report.  Lightning, um, strikes?