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Let the Lure of Fishing Reel You In

by Prima Games Staff

Ah, is there a more calming pursuit than fishing? The gentle bob of the lure floating on the water’s surface is so relaxing it might just lull you to sleep… better get your daily coffee fix from Brewster at The Roost, first! After all, there’s no nodding off if you want to do well in today’s Fishing Tourney.

If you’re playing Animal Crossing: City Folk, then May 18th is your last chance before the release of Animal Crossing: New Leaf to bring home a Silver Trophy. Keep in mind that this month’s tournament focuses on one of three highlighted species: the Black Bass, Red Snapper, or Sea Bass. Check in with Chip bright and early when he sets up shop in front of Town Hall at 6AM to kick off the tourney and find out which fish you should be angling for.

But there’s more to May fishing than the tourney. Patient anglers can be rewarded with some great catches between the hours of 4PM and 9AM. Catfish and Angelfish season kicks off this month and runs through October. In addition, it’s the second to last month before a summer lull that you can catch a Rainbow Trout, Char, or Cherry Salmon.

Once Animal Crossing: New Leaf is available you can look forward to your first Fishing Tourney in your new town, October 12th.

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