Though it didn’t really appear that way this past week at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, Nintendo is quite serious about its Nintendo 3DS and today it announced a new initiative to bring playable demos to the eShop service, letting players try out games before they can buy them.

That service has recently launched with the release of a playable demo for Lego Batman 2: Super Heroes, WB Games’ upcoming multiplayer superhero adventure.  Players will be able to try out a couple of missions in the game, as well as see familiar heroes like Batman and Superman.

In addition, Nintendo has also confirmed that a number of other demos are on the way to the service, and will release in the weeks ahead.  These include Square Enix’s Kingdom Harts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, Activision’s The Amazing Spider-Man (which releases in a couple of weeks), Rhythm Thief and the Emperor’s Treasure and Heroes of Ruin.  No dates have been given on these demos as of yet, but they aren’t too far off.

While we’d prefer more 3D classics, this certainly beats nothing, right?