The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Walkthrough Part 6 – Tower of Hera

Round trip to Death Mountain!

Death Mountain doesn’t sound too inviting, right? That’s where Link must go to complete the current quest in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. It will take serious skill to make it out alive. If you get stuck, here’s our walkthrough. For more in-depth strategies, check out Prima’s Collector’s Edition Guide, along with this extremely limited Legend of Zelda Box Set.

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For the complete walkthrough, visit Prima’s free A Link Between Worlds guide.

Tower of Hera 

Link’s House  

Get Ready  

You have collected two of the three pendants that Sahasrahla mentioned. The last pendant rests at the top of Death Mountain at the Tower of Hera. Before going there, however, pay a visit to Ravio again and be sure to purchase the hammer. The hammer is required to enter the third dungeon! We strongly suggest renting some bombs as well. Also, if you’ve been following this walkthrough, you should already have the Power Glove, which is needed to gain entry to Death Mountain. If not, head to the miner’s house and get it from Rosso just north of the blacksmith home.  

Death Mountain Trail  

The Path to Death Mountain 

Death Mountain stands tall at the north section of Hyrule. You must venture through Death Mountain Trail to get there. Head east from the miner’s house to discover a cave blocked by small stones. With the Power Glove, pick the stones up and toss them out of your way, then enter the passage.  

Dark & Eerie 

Many areas in the cave are now inaccessible (such as the large rocks). Take a right inside the cave and be careful of the larva swerving in the tunnels. They take two sword hits to be at rest. Afterward, exit the tunnel from the south exit.  

Death Mountain 

Volcano Erupt! 

Death Mountain contains numerous enemies such as spiders and foes that turn to stone. On top of that, the volcano above is erupting and lava rocks crash down around you! Keep your legs moving and fend off the enemies, then cross the southern bridge. Go north and ascend the ladder nearby. It’s not a bad idea to access the weather vane here so you can fast-travel for future reference and save your progress.

Give Me Cash  

Rocks highlighted in green contain several rupees. When they’re struck by a lava rock (or blown by a bomb), Rupees scatter all over the area. Let’s just say this is easy money! You can also enter the lower cave (west of the weather vane) to find a chest holding a Blue Rupee.  

Rolling Boulders  

Once you reach the weather vane, enter the cave next to it. Large rolling boulders move across this passage, but can easily be avoided by merging into the walls – or you can blow them up with some bombs. Work your way upward and cross over the pits by merging into the walls. You’ll see wooden stubs guarding a chest at the top level; pound them with your hammer to clear the way. The chest contains some monster guts. To access the Rupees, simply blast the boulders with a bomb. 

The Sky’s the Limit 

Exit the cave via the south passage. You arrive on a small ledge with a chest. Open it for a Red Rupee, then drop down to the level below. Proceed west and enter the next cave. More rolling boulders crash through this passage, but your merging ability will make this route safe.  

Continue upward and move right, merging in and out of the walls. Then exit from the tunnel from the eastern passage.  Now enter the cave to your left. Work upward and merge into the walls to get by the rolling boulders. When you reach the top level, proceed to the west side and exit through the passage. Upon exiting, you wind up on a lonely ledge, but land can be seen to your right. How do you get over there? Merge into the wall and slip to the east. When you reach the other side, the Tower of Hera lies just to the right of you.  

Tower of Hera 

Getting in 

The Tower of Hera’s entrance is guarded by wooden stubs. Access the weather vane, then equip your hammer and smash the stubs to gain entry. Put your game face on – it’s time to face your toughest dungeon yet! The tower consists of a whopping 13 floors, but most are constructed into one room. 

Tower of Hera – 1F  

What are you laughing at?  

Notice those smiling stubs at the entrance? These can be pounded into the ground with your hammer temporarily. When they pop back up, they can give you a boost into reaching higher ledges. This will become helpful in this dungeon, so remember this. 

Pounce, Smash & Merge  

Begin by smashing the smiling stubs with your hammer, then approach the crystal switch beyond there. These crystal switches – colored in red or blue – lower the walls around the room. Each wall is marked corresponding to the switch’s color. Hit the blue switch to lower the walls near you, then move upward. You need to hit the switches a couple times to reach the northwest ledge. In the northwest corner, smash the smiling stub and then stand on it; you’ll pounce up to the upper ledge above you.  

Hidden Chest: Once you reach the northwest ledge, merge into the north wall and slip through the barred window. A chest lies outside here containing a Purple Rupee!   

Merge into the western wall and wrap around to the western ledge. Follow the ledge south leading to a couple rolling blades. Merge into the southern wall in front of the blades to reach the eastern side of the hall. Then approach the ledge to the east and smash the stub with your hammer. Again, stand on it to reach the upper ledge when it resurfaces. A large smiling stub rests on the ledge here; pound it with your hammer and ride it up to the second floor.  

Tower of Hera – 2F 

Drop it like it’s Hot  

As you land on 2F, immediately drop down the central pit (just be careful of beetles; they can knock you off) . You’ll land back on 1F on the higher ledge. There, open the chest containing the compass. Afterward, smash the large stub next to you and ride it back to 2F. Defend yourself from the beetles by slashing them with your sword. Then head over to the large stub on the west side and ride it up to the third floor. 

Tower of Hera – 3F 

Centipedes & a Key 

A small key rests on the central ledge of the third floor, but it seems out of reach. Merge into the blue wall to the north and wrap around it to reach the crystal switch in the northwest corner. This will lower the walls in the chamber. Stand on the red tiles to your right, hit the switch to raise the wall, and then carefully walk to the central platform to claim the small key. With the key, unlock the east door.  

Take a Tour  

You arrive outside on the tower’s east side. Wait for the moving block and then ride it around the tower. You need to fend off some crows in the process. When you reach a wall blocking your path, merge into it and wrap around to the other side; you’ll be able to land back on the block if you’re quick enough. 

Two moving blocks are present on the west side of the tower. Ignore them for now and ride the block to the northwest balcony. From the balcony, merge into the tower wall and then morph into either block that descends to the level. Still as a painting, you can ride these blocks up to the fourth floor.  

Tower of Hera – 4F 

Hello & Goodbye  

There’s not much to do on 4F. Defeat the enemies here and hit the crystal switch to access the large stub. As always, ride it up to the fifth floor.  

Tower of Hera – 5F 

Trick Switch  

When you land on 5F, hit the crystal switches a couple times to reach the chest. Open it for a Blue Rupee. You will notice a window on the eastern wall; make sure the crystal switches are red, stand on blue tiles and then hit the crystal switch to blue. The blue walls should raise you up, giving you an opportunity to merge into the wall and slip through the window.  

Another Ride 

Beyond the window returns you to the outside area of the tower. Ride the moving platform around the tower, but be cautious of the spike wheels that roll in your way and steer clear of them. On the south side, a large wall will emerge from the tower; merge into and wrap around it like before. Once you reach the west area, merge into the wall ahead and slip into the nook to the right. Grab the heart inside if needed, then merge into left-side wall. Wrap around and wait for the moving block to descend before you, and then ride it up to the sixth floor. 

Tower of Hera – 6F  

Mini-Boss! Skeletons 

The sixth floor pits you against a group of skeletons. These foes throw bones at you if you miss an attack, so equip your shield to block them. Either corner them against a wall, or deploy bombs if you have them. Each one takes roughly two or three hits to bring down. When victorious, a portal emerges and a lift appears. A chest and a key can be seen on the northern ledges, but you can’t reach them yet. Head through the portal back to the entrance, go outside to save your progress, then return to 6F and ride the lift to the seventh floor.  

Tower of Hera – 7F  

Link Smash!  

On 7F, dismiss your opponents easily with your hammer. Notice those cracks in the floor? They can either be blown up with a bomb, or destroyed by your hammer. Move along the northwest side of the room, hitting the crystal switches along the way (to get around, merge into the walls if need be). Smash the cracked floor in the northeast corner and then jump down. When you reach the cracked floor, destroy it and jump back down to 6F. This lands you on the upper-left ledge from the previous level. Grab the small key resting there, smash the stub and then ride it back to 7F.  

When it’s all said and done, exit 7F by unlocking the western door with your key. The large stub outside is resting on a movable platform; ride the platform to the right and then smash the stub as you close in on the ledge above. Doing so will land you on the eighth floor. (You can destroy the northeast cracked floor to obtain monster guts on 6F as well.)  

Tower of Hera – 8F  

Frame within a Frame 

You are still in the outside section of the tower. If you desire a Silver Rupee, ride the next lift east. You will see a chest on a ledge below you; simply drop down and claim the prize (though this brings you back to 7F, and you’ll have to work your way back up). As you ride the lift east, you’ll notice a wooden frame above you. Using good timing, smash the stub as it begins to move towards the frame, and then stand on it. If done correctly, you should be boosted in between the frame and land on the ninth floor! 

Tower of Hera – 9F  

Fairy Love 

There’s not much going on 9F, other than the fact that a fairy pond rests below the lift here. If you’re hurting for health, by all means drop down; otherwise, ride the lift to the 10th floor.  

Tower of Hera – 10F 

Sign of the Cross 

The 10th floor is constructed in a cross-shaped catwalk. Use your hammer to vanquish the enemies here, because your sword will knock you back. When clear, scout the area – there are four crystal switches on each side of the chamber. Carefully walk towards each one and activate them. Once all four are triggered, a platform is lowered in the northeast section. On the platform is a large smiling stub; smash it and ride it up to the eleventh floor.  

Tower of Hera – 11F 

The Big Key 

Two laughing stubs rest on a joint platform that moves across the room. Hop onto it and look above you – to the right is a ledge to a large chest, and to the left is the boss’ gate. This is all about timing. Hitting the right stub will allow you to reach the eastern ledge above you once it gives you the boost. Open the large chest to win the big key. Now it’s time to reach the boss’s gate. Like before, nail the left stub with your hammer and ride it up to the western ledge. Unlock the door and head outside. Smash the stubs nearby and ride it up to the 12th floor.  

Tower of Hera – 12F  

Lend me your Heart  

The 12th floor has some spinning blades sliding around, but they can easily be ignored. If you’re low on health, jog over to the eastern ledge and grab some hearts. When you’re ready, hit any of the four large stubs in the corners to pounce upward to the final floor, and the boss! 


Fans of A Link to the Past will be pleased to hear for the return of this classic boss, Moldorm. This giant centipede moves quick, and can easily knock you off to the lower floor if you stand close to the edges. Luckily, the monster doesn’t take too much work to defeat. Don’t bother blocking with your shield; instead, move out of the way.   

Moldorm’s weakness is its tail. At the tip, you’ll notice a round red gem. Hit that with your sword to inflict damage. For each sword hit you execute, the greater you anger the beast. With more rage, the faster the boss will move. We cannot stress enough of how important it is to stay in the center part of the platform – falling requires the hassle of returning to 12F and restarting the fight! 

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