The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Walkthrough Part 11 – The Skull Woods

Time to get brave. The Knucklemaster is waiting for you.

It’s easy to get lost in the Skull Woods. This dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is full of bad guys and tricky puzzles. How will you emerge victorious? Easy. We have the tips you need right here. For more in-depth strategies, check out Prima’s Collector’s Edition Guide, along with this extremely limited Legend of Zelda Box Set.

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For the complete walkthrough, visit Prima’s free A Link Between Worlds guide.

The Skull Woods

Lorule Field  

Heavy Lifting 

With the Titan’s Mitt, you’re able to explore additional areas in both Hyrule and Lorule. Many passages are blocked by large rocks – this won’t be a problem anymore. Feel free to scout some areas, loot some Rupees and discover additional heart pieces. When you’re set to go, warp to Kakariko Village. Go behind Sahasrahla’s house to discover a crack portal. Slip inside to return to Lorule, and arrive on the north section of Thieves’ Town.  

To Skull Woods  

Skull Woods – the same location as the Lost Woods in Hyrule – is blocked by a large rock. Now that you’ve got the Titan’s Mitt, lift the rock up to access the area. Luckily, the wood’s trail is streamlined; just head north and then east to find the Skull Woods dungeon. Activate the weather vane and save your game, then enter the third dungeon in the dark world. 

Skull Woods – B1 

The Wallmaster 

Zelda fans will feel right at home at Skull Woods’ entrance: the Wallmaster returns! These are a bit tougher than previous installments; they’re larger and more aggressive. Keep moving when it hovers over you. The best way to dispose of these critters is with the Ice Rod. There’s a catch, though – they spawn endless times in this dungeon, and if they grab you, they carry you back to the entrance.  

Dark Hallway  

From the entrance, head through the western passage. Be sure to have your lamp equipped, because it’s dark in here. Slash the enemies in your way as you move south. Run past the central door to your right and discover a floor switch at the end. Step on it to unlock the eastern door and proceed through.   

Flame Sticks  

Large fire chains circle around this hall. On top of that, the walkway is steep and you’ve got Baris, a Wallmaster and a Gibdos (or mummy) to worry about. The Ice Rod will become extremely useful here, as well as your merging technique. Watch your footing and carefully cross along the narrow path. Wait for the flames to pass for each section, and then quickly work your way across. The path leads you down to an exit to the south. Head outside. 

Drop from Outside 

You are now back in Skull Woods – the actual woods mind you. Head right and go north to find a steep pit in the ground. Drop down here to return to B1. This puts you back in the flame chain room, on its east side. Wait for one of the moving platforms to come your way and ride it down and around further east. Wallmasters will attack you here, so merge into the nearby wall to avoid them. The ride stops by the northeast ledge; hop off there and collect the small key from the chest. Then, exit through the northeast door in the corner.  

Dark Hall 2 

Another dark hall! What gives? Equip your lamp and cross the narrow path carefully. Move east to find a torch you can light up, giving you better sighting. There are more in this room, but you don’t want to waste time in here thanks to numerous enemies and the Wallmaster. On the east side, proceed to the southeast corner and unlock the door.   

Back Outside 

The passage leads you out of the dungeon once again. Go north to stumble upon another pit you can drop into. Don’t be scared – drop in! You land in B1’s northeast room. Open the chest beside you to claim a Silver Rupee, then descend the southern ledge and grab the compass inside the next chest. Exit the room via the south door to return to the second dark chamber.  

And Exit Again 

As before, you’ll want to get out of here quickly. Make your way to the southeast door you went through recently and return outside. This time, however, pass by the pit you descended and head west. A bunch of purple bushes rest on the ground around here – shred them up to reveal another pit and drop down. 

Need a Key 

You are now on the higher level of B1’s northeast chamber. Exit here by going through the door at the end of the walkway to the left. Immediately head north and bomb the cracked floor, then descend to the lower level. Run underneath the catwalk to the southeast corner and step on the floor switch to lower the wall left of you. Wait for the Wallmaster to pass by (he can’t touch you while you’re underneath the catwalk) and proceed up the stairs to the northwest corner. Bomb the cracked surface here and drop down. The chest here is heavily guarded, but you can simply swoop in and snag the small key. After, head to the southwest corner and unlock the door there.  

High Entrance 

You arrive at the dungeons entrance on the high ledge to the north. Go right and pull the lever on the wall to reveal a hidden passage on the lower level. Drop down and descend the passage to B2.  

Skull Woods – B2 

Create a Wall  

Several enemies are present in B2’s first hall. Merge into the wall to your right and then clear the room; remember to slide into the walls to avoid the Wallmaster. You will notice four tile switches on the ground. Each one opens different wall sets above you. Grab one of the gargoyle statues and place it on the far left tile switch. Then, push the other statue onto the tile next to the first statue. This creates a long horizontal wall that runs from the west side and to the eastern ledge.  

The Merging Factor

Ascend the stairs to the west and merge into the wall. Slide along to the right and use the wall you created to reach the east ledge. There, pull the lever to reveal a stairwell – and a shortcut for later. Now exit the room near the lever by going through the east door. 

Smash the Switch  

Arriving in B2’s southeast room, immediately descend the stairs and step on the floor switch to the south. This activates a moving block near you. Merge into it and ride it to the east walkway. Now for a tricky puzzle: Notice that floor switch on the catwalk above you? You can’t reach it, but the Wallmaster can! Lead the giant hand to the north and line it up with the floor switch; with luck, the Wallmaster will pound the switch and activate the second block in this room. Merge into the block and ride it to the northern platform. A third floor switch rests here – step on it to open up a path on the ledge above for an easy shortcut. When finished, head through the north passage.  

An Unlikely Ally 

This chamber requires you to defeat all the enemies to continue. Step on the floor switch to raise the platforms and to free the foes. Now that the ledges are raised, you can use them to your advantage and guard yourself from the Wallmaster. Concentrate on dismissing your opponents on your level first. Then, you’ll see two more enemies resting on the two upper platforms to the north. You can reach them with the Ice Rod, but it’s far more fun to stand underneath them and have the Wallmaster do the work for you! 

Once you clear the room, the mid-way portal spawns and you’re free to return to the dungeon’s entrance and save your progress. Otherwise, proceed into the north passage of B2. 

Unsafe Ride  

A moving platform comes before you from the west. You need to ride it to reach the west side, but you’re extremely vulnerable to the Wallmaster here without any cover. Stand on the edge as you ride west, and quickly move upon the Wallmaster’s attempt to grab you. Once you reach the other side, merge into the wall and surface to the south ledge. Notice the second moving platform below you? It’s got a roof, and you can ride it to the chest on the lower level safely. Snag the small key from the chest, and then unlock the south door. 

Dark Hall 3

This large corridor is pitch dark, but you’ll be able to see better with your lamp. Dash all the way over to the west side of the hall (passing the boss gate) to discover a torch, and ignite it with your lamp. This spawns two Gibdos out of nowhere. Dismiss them to unlock the northwest door nearby. The path ahead leads you back to B1.  

Skull Woods – B1 

Need a Couple Eyeballs  

You are now in the B1’s west wing, at the north-most chamber. Merge into the wall around you and slide through the narrow passage on the south side. Strike the enemies that greet you, then go over to the east side to find an eyeball resting on the northeast platform. You can either merge into the wall to reach it and toss it over, or snatch it with the Hookshot if you have it. Carry the eyeball over to one of the white statues and place it inside. This will reveal a large chest in front of you and spawn a plank to the south, but you still need another eyeball for the second statue. 

Eye for an Eye 

Cross over to the south using the new cage plank that appeared. You need to ride the planks below to continue south. Merge into the wall to bypass the Wallmaster that descends if need. When you reach the first gap, crossover by merging into the wall and looping around to the other side. Do the same for the second gap ahead. 

You will see a large chest resting on top of the wall here, as well as the other eyeball. You cannot reach either yet, so slip through the narrow cracks on the southern wall and exit from the south passage leading back outside.  

Which Hole?  

Arriving back outside once again, take a quick left and open the chest here to claim a Purple Rupee. Now work your way upward and go east. You will pass numerous holes along the way, but ignore them. Head south to find a patch of bushes at the dead end; cut them to reveal a hole. That’s the right one – jump in!  

Gimme’ That Eye

You land on top of a higher ledge in B1’s northwest chamber. The good news is you can now grab both the eyeball and access the large chest from the west side using your merging ability. The chest contains another Master Ore. (Remember, these bad boys upgrade your Master Sword when brought to the Blacksmith.)  Merge over to the southwest corner and grab the second eyeball.  

Deliver the Eye  

This part can be a pain, but shouldn’t be a problem with patience. The idea here is to bring that eye back to the second statue to the north end of the chamber. The problem is, Link’s much more vulnerable and moves slow while carrying it. Any time you see the Wallmaster appear, drop the eye and look for cover. Check these quicksteps below to get you through. 

  • Toss the eyeball over the first gap to the east.
  • Merge into the east wall. 
  • Grab the eye and go west, then ride the moving planks ahead. 
  • Toss the eye to the east ledge quickly when close; leave it there for a second. 
  • Merge into the nearby walls to prevent the Wallmaster from grabbing you and slide back to the eye.
  • The last part is pretty forgiving; simply cross the plank and drop the eye to defend yourself. 

The Big Key & the Boss  

Once you carry the eyeball back to the second statue, toss it in place to open access to the large chest containing the big key. Now squeeze through the wall cracks in the northwest corner and return to B2 from the stairs here. Head back to the large dark corridor south of you and unlock the large gate leading to the boss of this dungeon. 


This massive Wallmaster is far worse than the ones you’ve encountered in the dungeon. Luckily, his first phase is a breeze. The creature crunches up his knuckles and attempts to KO Link in an instant. The only way to dodge his attack is by merging into the wall. The good news is, the boss rams itself into the wall and is left stunned momentarily each time. Morph out of the wall and slash his eye when it’s exposed.  

The second phase has the boss step up his game. Now he attempts to pound Link into the ground. Even worse, many parts of the floor are cracked, and the monster will destroy these parts, leaving you limited boundaries for stability. It usually smashes the floor three times in a row. The idea here is to merge into the walls rapidly. Do NOT stay inside the walls for too long, or you’ll drain your power meter. Simply merge in and out consistently for each attack; that way, you won’t have to move to a new position at all!  Once he finishes a series of floor smashes, he begins his fist attack again. The same strategy applies: Merge into the wall and let him ram himself unconscious. 

The Third Portrait  

When you become the victor, grab the full Heart Container and exit the lair from the north passage. You arrive outside and find a third painting. Examine it to trigger a cinema: Link meets up with the third sage, Seres. 

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