Even though it's still a few months away from release, our excitement for Ubisoft's upcoming sequel Rayman Legends hasn't wavered.  The game publisher gave us yet another reason today why we're bound to love it.

The company has introduced a new trailer that shows off Legends' newest level, taking place in a trouble-filled desert.  The on-screen actions are tied in with the music that is playing, whether Rayman is jumping over obstacles or knocking out enemies while keeping up your momentum.

What makes this trailer so special is the included music.  It's a mean Mariachi tune that's bound to sound familiar to those of you who have heard of the band Survivor - "Eye of the Tiger" has been reformatted so that it fits in with the kooky nature of Rayman Legends.  It's the best stuff we heard since the Goblin version of "Black Betty" and we haven't even seen what other classic rock songs will be included yet.

You can watch the trailer for yourself here and be ready for a bewildering feeling of awesome when you're done.

Rayman Legends will be released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii U on September 3rd.