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Latest Fortnite Patch Includes Building Improvements

by Josh Hawkins

Fortnite continues to evolve with each and every patch that the developers at Epic release. The upcoming Fortnite patch version 3.0.0 of the game is no different. In fact, some of the biggest changes we’ve seen since Fortnite’s release will arrive in this new patch, including a few important building improvements, which we’ve detailed below.

One of the most important changes coming to the update is a new ‘Turbo Building’ mode which will allow players to hold the primary fire button to continuously place the selected building piece. This will allow you to drop building structures into the game much quicker, allowing you to build the defenses that you need at a much faster pace. The most useful thing we see this helping with is sprinting up ramps while building them, as well as building up walls while you are under attack.

The next big change coming with the update is automatic material swapping. Up until this point players have had to manually switch which material they were using when they ran out of one material. This mean you would have to spend precious time and attention swapping between stone, wood, and metal during the heat of combat. This will remove that need, as running out of materials will simply swap you to the next best material, allowing you to continue building without interruption.

If you’ve spent any time in Fortnite—both Save the World and Battle Royale—then you have probably run into an issue at some point where you couldn’t build up your walls and things without breaking down something that was in your way. To get around these issues the developers have decided to make it so that each item you place will destroy any items in the way when you try to place it. This means building through structures on the map (like spawned houses, etc) as well as buses, cars, and other things will simply cause them to be destroyed and removed from the map. This already happens with things like bushes and furniture, but this change will extend it to trees, rocks, and other big-ticket items.

Finally, players will also start to see a new system in place for switching between building pieces. This will only be available in Battle Royale when the update releases, though the developers are looking to bring it to the Save the World version of the game as well. This is a pretty big change, as up to now the change has felt laggy at times, due to how it worked by sending signals to the main Epic servers, and then back to the game client.

You can find out when v. 3.0.0 will release by checking out our Fortnite Battle Royale Season 3 release date post and be sure to keep an eye on our homepage for more Fortnite content to help you conquer the storm and come out the last man standing.

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