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The Last of Us’ Latest DLC Arrives Today

by Prima Games Staff

Naughty Dog is primed and ready to get gamers back into The Last of Us with fresh downloadable content.

The company has announced that it will release the first part of its DLC plans, the Abandoned Territories Map Pack, starting today. The developer also released a new trailer, which you can watch below, that shows just what to expect from the new pack.

In addition, as part of the celebration for its launch, Naughty Dog will also be hosting a live stream over on Twitch, starting at 4 PM PDT today. You can view all the action here.

The pack will cost you $9.99 separately, or you can get it as part of a Season Pass package for $19.99 and save yourself some cash, with future DLC coming just around the corner.

In order to download the DLC, you’ll need to update to patch 1.05, which is available now and comes with the following changes:

Interrogation Mode Fixes

Games no longer end in ties unless both teams are on the same section of the unlocking process. If one team has more interrogations than the other, that team will win the match.

The additional parts bonus for winning by a large margin is only awarded when the lockbox is fully unlocked. Otherwise only the standard win bonus is awarded.

Killcard now correctly describes whether your character was executed or interrogated.

Fire on the ground (from a Molotov) now damages the player when they attempt to unlock the lockbox and will properly interrupt the unlock process.

Sounds have been added to the Interrogation animation

Fixed a bug where the end-of-match music was not playing in Interrogation mode.

Technical Fixes

Intro speech should no longer occasionally be heard twice at the start of the game

A flashing exclamation mark will be shown on DLC option for when new items are added

Single Player

Tweaks to a couple of art assets in the game.


The Last of Us is available now both as a physical release for PlayStation 3 and digital download via the PlayStation Store.

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