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The Last of Us | Firefly Pendant Locations | The Suburbs [VIDEO]

by Prima Games Staff

Have you been enjoying The Last of Us?

We have too and we are happy to bring you our fifth video guide showing you the location of all the Firefly pendants found in the game. Today we focus on The Suburbs chapter where you will find a total of four pendants.

If you missed the previous chapter be sure to check out our walkthrough for Pittsburgh.

Pendant 1

Just after the beginning of the chapter. Follow Ellie to the abandoned boat. Once you hop up on the deck walk to the back and drop through the floor. The pendant is near the back of the boat.

Pendant 2

Just after you enter the sewers. Follow them until you reach a small waterfall on the right. Climb up and make your way to the other side. The pendant is submerged in the water on your left next to a large pillar.

Pendant 3

Shortly after the second pendant. Follow the sewer until you reach an area where you are surrounded by water. On your left jump into the water and dive under. The pendant is on the bottom next to what appears to be a submerged vehicle.

Pendant 4

Well after you exit the sewers and after you upgrade your weapons at the work bench. It is in the back yard of the last house you scavenge for supplies. The back yard has a swing set and what appears to be play houses for children. The pendant is in a tree. Use a brick to knock it down and collect it.


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