The Last of Us | Firefly Pendant Locations | Pittsburgh [VIDEO]

We take you through exactly where and how to find all three Firefly Pendants in the Pittsburgh chapter of The Last of Us.

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Today we have part four of our series where we show you the locations of all the Firefly pendants in The Last of Us. This video will focus on the Pittsburgh chapter where you will find three pendants.

If you missed our previous chapter be sure to check out our walkthrough for Bill’s Town.

Pendant 1

After you walk through a turnstile. Use stealth to neutralize three Hunters. Be careful not to make noise and alert more Hunters in the area. After clearing the area head to the left of the bookstore. The pendant can be found at the end of the alley.

Pendant 2

After a struggle that sees you knocked off a ladder. Climb back up the ladder and head to the left where you’ll find a stairwell. Drop down to the ground floor. You will find the pendant in the ladies washroom laying next to a toilet at the back of the room.

Pendant 3

At this point Joel and Ellie have met up with Henry and Sam. You will battle two Hunters on a roof top. After neutralizing them head across the makeshift bridge into the building. The pendant is on the back of a toilet inside the washroom on the left side of the hallway.


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