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The Last of Us | Firefly Pendant Locations | Bus Depot [VIDEO]

by Prima Games Staff

The Bus Depot chapter of The Last of Us has a total of three Firefly pendants which can be collected. They are all in the first part of the chapter, Highway Exit. Read down below for a description of where to find these pendants or click on the embedded video to watch our tutorial.

By collecting all 30 Firefly pendants in The Last of Us, you will earn the silver Look for the Light trophy for the Sony PlayStation 3.

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Pendant 1

This pendant is found very shortly after the start of the chapter. After you loot the abandoned RV and have an optional conversation with Ellie about her dream. Head down the exit ramp, walk past the yellow school bus on the left and jump over the median. The pendant is on the ground and wedged into the corner.

Pendant 2

Found shortly after the cutscene where Joel and Ellie pet the giraffe. After the cutscene move through the building. There is no opposition so feel free to explore and scavenge. Once you exit the building head to the left and move past the blue tent. Find yourself a brick and use it to knock the pendant off the light post and to the ground.

Pendant 3

This Firefly pendant is found shortly after Ellie gives Joel the picture of him and Sarah. Move into and then exit the abandoned bus. Walk forward and around the front of another bus where you will find the pendant on the ground between it and the median.


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