It's great to hear about success stories made possible through Kickstarter, a web program where donators can help make dream projects possible.  The most recent once is L.A. Game Space, which was being put together by several various independent publishers.  It's a location that has video game-oriented research and showcases in mind, along with a place to stream game chats as well as other events.

We're happy to report that, with three days to go in their program, L.A. Game Space has officially reached its goal of $250,000 – and still getting money – meaning that it will be built.  What's more, funders who have contributed to the project will be getting their own share of rewards, including an independent game pack with a new game from Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi.

This can only mean good news for independent gaming development moving forward, and we certainly congratulate the team.  You can still chip in and reap the rewards by heading to this link.