Konami Didn’t Ask Al Hub To Remove Silent Hill Interview

Not surprising, but it does leave the question as to who asked the video to be taken down.

On YouTube, Al Hub did an interview with Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka to talk about his work on The Medium’s soundtrack. During the interview, the question of other projects was brought up. 

Akira Yamaoka responded to the inquiry by teasing a summer announcement, saying that he thinks it’s, “the one you’re hoping to hear about.”

Naturally, most people took that to mean Silent Hill. Shortly after the interview started to gain traction on social media, Al Hub posted an update to Twitter saying that someone had asked them to take the video down. 

They didn’t specify “who” reached out, but the removal seems to have done more harm than good in that people have began to talk about the interview with even greater fervor.

If the information was false, you’d imagine a retraction would be issued, or clarification would be provided as to what Yamaoka meant. It’s all one big, jumbled mystery to try and untangle right now.

Adding to this, we have one new piece of information to share, and that’s the fact that Konami denies asking Al Hub to remove the interview. 

Konami Didn’t Ask Al Hub To Remove Silent Hill Interview

In a statement made to IGN, Konami denies asking Al Hub to take down the interview with Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka. Specifically, a spokesperson told IGN:

“Konami did not ask Al Hub to take down the interview.”  

Depending on how you look at it, this statement from Konami can be interpreted a few different ways.

First, we feel it’s more likely that a representative from Sony would ask for the video to be taken down over Konami themselves. If we are getting a new Silent Hill game and it’s being developed as a PS5 exclusive, Sony may want to save that information for a State of Play showcase.

Second, someone from Akira Yamaoka’s team could have reached out about the video’s removal because they didn’t expect the statement to be discussed as much as it’s been over the last week.

It’s hard to say. 

As of right now, we know that Konami knows about the video in question after being asked about it, and they say it wasn’t them who asked for it to be taken down. None of this erases the possibility of a new Silent Hill game because you also have to keep in mind that Konami hasn’t come out and said, “No we aren’t working on a Silent Hill game at this time.” 

That would have put a hard stop to the rumors currently circulating, and it’s still possible they may come out and say that, but they haven’t yet. Which is interesting, to say the least.

Silent Hill is a popular property, it’d make sense that Konami would want to do something with it in the future. Could that future be sooner than expected? Could we find out more as soon as this summer? We sure hope so.

Stay tuned, as we’ll be providing updates on this story as new information comes out. Until then, what do you think of Konami saying they didn’t ask for the video to be removed? Do you still think we could be getting a new Silent Hill game? Let us know on our social media channels including Facebook and Twitter

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