Koch Media Group Announces New Publishing Branch "Prime Matter", Roster Includes Payday 3, Gungrave, Painkiller, & More - Prima Games

Koch Media Group Announces New Publishing Branch “Prime Matter”, Roster Includes Payday 3, Gungrave, Painkiller, & More

by Jesse Vitelli

Last week, we attended a preview of the upcoming roster of games published by the newly announced Prime Matter publisher.

Koch Media Group Announces New Publishing branch “Prime Matter”, Roster Includes Payday 3, Gungrave, Painkiller, & More

During the Summer Game Fest Kickoff Live show, Koch Media officially unveiled its new publishing arm Prime Matter.

“Games originate from the minds and hearts of the developers. Prime Matter is focused on maximizing this potential from the studios while empowering their dream or vision.

One of our core values is to enable and support the studios, giving them the chance and freedom to express themselves within their game as they deserve,” said Mario Gerhold, Global Brand & Marketing Director (Games) Koch Media Group.

Prime Matter is headquartered in Munich, Germany, and is under the Koch Media Group.

You can find the list of titles for the publisher below.

  • Payday 3 – Starbreeze Studios
  • Crossfire: Legion – Blackbird Interactive
  • The next Painkiller game – Saber Interactive
  • Scars Above – Mad Head Games
  • Codename Final Form (working Title) – Reikon Games 
  • GunGrave G.O.R.E – IGGYMOB
  • Dolmen – Massive Work Studio
  • The Last Oricru – GoldKnights
  • Echoes of the End (working title) – Myrkur Games 
  • The Chant (working Title) – Brass Token
  • Encased – Dark Crystal Games
  • King’s Bounty 2 – 1C Entertainment

All of these games like drastically different from one another, and while many are in the very early stages of development, it’s exciting to see the breadth of what Prima Matter has to offer.

It seems like there is a game for a variety of folks in this portfolio, and after seeing them all, it’s safe to say it’s a solid lineup to come out of the gate with.

The heavy hitters like Gungrave, Payday 3, and Painkiller are all very far away in terms of release, but at least we have some sort of confirmation that there are plans to do something more with those franchises.

For fans of survival horror games, The Chant is an easy standout as it draws from many Occult and horror games of the past. 

There is a lot more to see, and Prima Matter has a showcase tomorrow to go more in-depth about its portfolio. Be sure to tune into that if you’re interested in learning more about some of these titles.

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