We've been waiting for new information on the forthcoming Killzone Mercenary since Sony announced it a few months back for the PS Vita.  Well, yesterday, they finally gave it to us, not only confirming a stellar new single and multiplayer set-up, but also revealing the official release date.

Killzone is being developed by Sony Cambridge, in association with the original series developer, Guerrilla Games, and features an all-out single player campaign with nine one-hour missions to complete, as well as additional replay challenges and other objectives to beat.  But it also includes a multiplayer mode, featuring six maps just primed for action for you and your friends.  The popular Warzone mode is also being thrown in for good measure.

Featuring lush graphics, easily connected online play and stellar gameplay features, Killzone Mercenary should be a big hit when it arrives both in stores and on PlayStation Network September 17th.  We'll have a preview and hands-on report in the weeks ahead, so be sure to check back!