Killer Instinct Returns as Free-to-Play Xbox One Title

“Killer combo!”

Back in the 90s, Nintendo and Midway joined forces to create the Killer Instinct franchise that also found a great deal of success on SNES and Nintendo 64.  Now it’s time to fight on, as Microsoft has a new sequel for Xbox One.

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Currently in development at Double Helix, the game will feature the return of several favorite brawlers, including Jago and Sabrewulf enhanced for a new generation of players.  However, the gameplay will be traditional Killer Instinct, with multi-hit combos to decimate opponents.

As we learned, Killer Instinct will be free-to-play.  You’ll be able to download it and play as Jago for free, then add additional characters for undisclosed fees. Mad Catz will also produce a special limited edition Killer Instinct Tournament FightStick for Xbox One.  

This exciting game is expected to launch with the Xbox One when it releases in November.  We’ll have a first look for you shortly.

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