Who says arcade racing is dead?  Sure, driving video games have become much more evolved as of late – between Forza Horizon and Need For Speed: Most Wanted – but surely we can find room for a return of a Daytona USA-like experience, where the main goal is to simply get first place.

A programmer in Athens, Greece certainly remembers those days, and has kicked off a project on KickStarter for a new game called The 90's Arcade Racer, which he hopes to produce for PC, Mac, Linux and possibly even the OUYA system.  The game, as you can see from the screenshot we provided, hunkers back to the good ol' days of Sega arcade racing, with its bright, colorful graphics, its luscious track design, and its simple-to-get into gameplay

Various KickStarter rewards are being offered, including a digital download of the game as well as the ability to have your own billboard.  Hey, I think I'd look good on a billboard, don't you?  The program is asking for 10,000 pounds, and is already a good way into its goal.  You should be able to donate, regardless of change of funds.

You can learn more about the KickStarter here.  Do it for Daytona's sake!