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Just Dance 2020 At E3 2019: Still Coming To Wii

by John Cooper

The Ubisoft conference has been bringing the heat, and while a few things leaked ahead of time, that does nothing to stop the hype. After the glory of the Assassin’s Creed Symphony and Jon Bernthal with a dog, we got a big old hype trailer about dancing. It turns out that Just Dance has been around for ten years, which I think means we are all a lot older than we realized. 

The dance numbers at Ubisoft’s E3 conferences are pretty much legendary at this point, and this one began with Panic! at the Disco and then Blackpink. Not a bad lineup of songs for such a small sample of songs. We can expect the same classic Just Dance gameplay that we all know and love, and it’s just a matter of waiting for it to actually come out at this point. 

Then the panda came out. Honestly, these bits get talked about for months to come, so it is damn good marketing. If you want things to be memorable, then they need to be memeable, and few things are as memeable as this damn panda. 

Just Dance 2020 is coming out in November and is coming to a considerable amount of platforms. We’ve got the Nintendo Switch, the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, Google Stadia, and the undying Nintendo Wii. The Wii, in 2019 for a game called Just Dance 2020. Madness. 

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