The PC edition of Just Cause 2 has received the “let’s make it multiplayer” mod treatment from a community development team.

The project, currently incomplete, is appropriately named Just Cause 2 Multiplayer. The mod team had a hiatus but has recently returned to the project and made its efforts public. You can find the project site here for more info.

The mod, a free release, will come out “when it’s ready”, so says the modders’ FAQ. JC2-MP won’t feature NPCs but will have “complex” features, though what these are is a little unclear as of yet.

The mod does included vehicular combat but unfortunately Black Market features are not supported.

JC2-MP was tested with more than 215 players last weekend, though further stress tests is required in order to find out just how much the servers and game can handle. If you want to know more on how to join a public test then take a look at this Reddit post.

We’re pretty eager here to see what becomes of this. Will you be playing?