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Jump Back into Fortnite’s Close Encounters LTM

by Larryn Bell

Fortnite’s Close Encounters limited time mode has returned, this time with a few gameplay adjustments. For those unfamiliar with this LTM, Close Encounters limits player to using only shotguns and jetpacks, which is intended to promote more intense close-quarters combat with flying and jumping as the primary means of traversal.

While the intentions behind this mode may have been good, the original Close Encounters LTM quickly fell out of favor once players got the hang of building bases extremely high in the sky where no jetpack or shotgun could reach, essentially making players in those sky-high bases unkillable. 

Epic Games employee MrPopoTFS stated on Reddit that the Grappler has been added to Close Encounters mode alongside a decreased rate of burn for jetpacks in an effort to address these concerns. “The extra jet fuel and grappler should help deal with those bases high in the sky,” MrPopoTFS commented.  

The Close Encounters LTM went live earlier today in Fortnite. As with most limited time modes, Epic has not mentioned how long the mode will be available, though it seems likely that it should at least run through the end of Season 5, which is scheduled to wrap up next week. The Close Encounters LTM also arrives just in time for players to test out their jumpshot skills on the new bouncy surface of Loot Lake

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