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Jordan Mechner’s Classic Karateka Coming to iOS/Android Tomorrow

by Prima Games Staff

Jordan Mechner has been dabbling with his classic PC game Karateka quite a bit these days.  He’s reconfigured the game in a new modern setting with three separate heroes in a game for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network and now he’s returning to the classic material for a new release on the iOS/Android front.

In Karateka Classic, players will be able to storm an island fortress, taking on dozens of high-kicking bad guys, birds and other dangers as they set out to rescue a princess from an evil warlord.  The game will feature simple-to-use touch-screen controls, as well as a variety of monitor coloring choices, including color CRT, green and amber, in case you feel like playing in a “classic PC” sense.  The game will also include a rewind feature, should you feel like making up for a crucial mistake, like walking towards the princess in a battle stance.  Ouch.

Karateka Classic will release tomorrow for the bargain price of $.99.  It’s certainly worth putting a dollar down for, even for a kick to the face.

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