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John Halo & The Walking Dead Come to Fortnite

by Jesse Vitelli

Master Chief Has officially been announced for Fortnite. You can purchase Mr. Halo in Fortnite right now. The bundle includes the Master Chief skin, the Gravity Hammer pickaxe, and the USNC Pelican glider.

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Master Chief was heavily rumored after Kratos made its way into the game earlier last week. Now it’s a reality. Fortnite is truly a bizarre game, but it’s making some wild dreams come true. Between Star Wars, Marvel, Borderlands, God of War, and now Halo, so many great characters and IP have merged together.

Fortnite only continues to add properties to its’ ever-growing list of skins and content. Fortnite just recently launched its fifth season. 

Red vs. Blue is also coming to Fortnite at 10 am EST tomorrow. You’ll be able to play a recreated version of Blood Gulch in Creative mode. 

Not only is Halo coming to Fortnite, but Michonne and Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead will also be available in the game starting on December 16. 

Epic Games sure has been busy adding a list of Bounty hunters to this season, but it doesn’t sound like it is going to stop there. Be on the lookout for even more skins coming to the game this season.

What do you think of Master Chief, The Walking Dead, and Red vs. Blue coming to Fortnite? Be sure to let us know on the official Prima Twitter and Facebook pages. 


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