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Joe Danger Coming to PC This Year

by Prima Games Staff

Over the past couple of years, Hello Games’ Joe Danger has been making quite a ruckus on both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network between the stunt-filled original game and the romp-filled sequel Joe Danger 2: The Movie.  But now Hello is taking his act on the road yet again, this time to PC.

Joe Danger will make its debut sometime this year on PC with a number of features.  “For the PC version of JD, we’re had a lot of fun,” said Sean Murray, founder of Hello Games.  “We’ve added a bunch of new content for both games – some new levels for a start.  There are lots of graphics settings, as well as controller, mouse and keyboard support.  Full Steam Big Picture Mode (I was just playing 1080 with 16XAA on my TV – looks sooooo nice).  We’ve added ghost recording to both Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2 and integrated it with Steam, so you can compete with people right in the game.”  So much for the games being simple ports, eh?

The game will also feature a full-on level editor, so you can build and share as you please, as well as full-on Steamworks integration.

We’ll have more information on Joe Danger in the weeks ahead.  In the meantime, work on your back flips…