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Iron Man 3 Hits Mobile Courtesy of Gameloft

by Prima Games Staff

With Iron Man 3 slated to hit theaters in just over a month, the hype is already ramping up for Tony Stark’s third go-around.  With that, Gameloft has announced a game that will be tying in with the release, one that gives players the ability to fly like crazy – for as long as they like.

Iron Man 3, which will hit iOS and Android devices on April 25th, is an “endless flyer”, one in which you’ll dart across the screen, collecting orbs and avoiding dangers as you utilize all of Stark’s capabilities within the power suit.  The graphics actually don’t look half bad for a mobile effort, though the game is obviously missing the voice talents of Robert Downey Jr.  After all, he is still working on the movie.

Check out the trailer for the game here, and get ready to take flight in just a few weeks’ time…

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