Ever since its announcement in February at the PlayStation 4 reveal event, Infamous: Second Son has been a much-talked project, taking a visceral direction over the first two games with a new hero and slick powers. Today, Sucker Punch gave us a look under the hood at the Emotion Capture set-up.

In the recently released video, actor Troy Baker – who voiced Booker DeWitt in BioShock Infinite and more recently Joel from The Last of Us – is shown bringing the new character Delsin to life.  The team is putting a lot of work into the game's tech, with Delsin's design, appearance and emotions. 

We'll get a better look at Infamous: Second Son next week, as Sony is likely to have the game on the E3 show floor. The game has no release date, but is likely to debut sometime during the PlayStation 4 launch window later this year.