D3 has announced that pretty 2D platformer Pid is coming to Xbox Live Arcade this year.

The game was created by a group of devs formerly of now-defunct studio Grin. The dev team, named Might and Delight, partnered up with publisher D3 in order to get their game on the platform.

D3 is a Japanese publisher behind titles such as Earth Defense Force 2017 and Puzzle Quest. The partnership comes after Might and Delight spoke of its wish to “rent” an XBLA slot back in May this year in return for a profit share.

"This is a fantastic opportunity to share Pid with as wide of an audience as possible," commented Might and Delight boss Wendy Young.

"We're maintaining complete creative control and are combining that with the distribution support of a great publisher."

The title will also be coming to the PlayStation Network later this year. Have a look at the trailer below, it’s looking like a fantastic helping of stylish old school fun.

Might and Delight formed after the studio Grin, responsible for Bionic Commando: Rearmed closed back in 2010. Members of the team have also worked on games such as Mirror’s Edge, Killzone and Battlefield.