Released in 2012, Indie Game: The Movie provided an excellent look into the world of independent game development, talking with various people behind such games as Super Meat Boy, Fez and Braid. However, it appears that we haven’t gotten the whole story, as a special director’s cut is on the way.

Indie Game: The Movie Special Edition will release later this month on July 24th.  This version features an additional 300+ minutes of footage, including epilogues from some of the developers featured in the film.  It also features additional commentary from director James Swirsky and Lisanne Pajot, as well as Team Meat, the madmen behind Super Meat Boy.

You can purchase the movie through Steam and its official site for $15, or $5 if you purchased the previous version of Indie Game.  If you prefer to take a physical route, you can order a DVD set or Blu-Ray release. DVDs will cost $59, while the Blu-Ray will sell for $69.  Both of those versions will be signed by the directors and ship this August.

You can watch the trailer for Indie Games: The Movie Special Edition below.