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Impact Winter from Bandai Namco Will Test Your Survival Skills in 2017

by Prima Games Staff

In the epic sci-fi movie, Aliens, Private Hudson has a meltdown when told that help won’t arrive for 17 days, to which he famously replies…


Seventeen days? Hey man, I don’t wanna rain on your parade, but we’re not gonna last 17 hours!


Although we don’t foresee having to outlast swarms of xenomorphs in Bandai Namco’s upcoming Steam title, Impact Winter, it does seem like the developers at Mojo Bones want to instill a similar feeling of anxiousness and perhaps even dread.


In the game, which joins The Long Dark in the growing survival genre, players take on the role of Jacon Solomon, who along with robot companion Ako-Light must find ways to keep himself and four other people alive in a post-apocalyptic Earth for approximately 30 days; an asteroid collides with the planet, which results in constant winter. To avoid succumbing to frigid temperatures, the player must make use of each person’s unique skills, craft tools and search for supplies.

According to Bandai Namco and Mojo Bones, Impact Winter features daily challenges and randomized events, but neither company will elaborate on what these will be and how they change the game. We also don’t know who (or even what) is coming to save this small group of survivors when those 30 days are up. Players receive a mysterious radio transmission that says help is on the way, but at the moment, the source is unknown.

We love survival games and look forward to learning more about Impact Winter. There’s no word of a console release, but expect to play the game on PC via Steam in early 2017, perhaps when there is actual snow on the ground.

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