You remember the Game Genie, right? Back in the SNES/Sega Genesis days, this was the ideal way to use game cheats and contort your game experience however you pleased. Well, it’s back…well, sort of.

While Galoob (the producers behind the original Game Genie) are still out of business, Hyperkin has their own Game Genie, which is available now for the PlayStation 3. While it doesn’t enable full-on hacking, it does let you load, upload and back up Save Data, reassign profiles, trade save files with other players, and access to a number of cheats, so you can modify your experience however you see fit.

“The Game Genie Save Editor for PS3 is a breakthrough for gamers everywhere,” said Steven Mar, Hyperkin’s Executive Director. “The Game Genie Save Editor allows for even the most novice gamers to breeze past the hard or boring parts of games, leveling the playing field for a more enjoyable experience.”

You can pick up the Game Genie in stores now, and visit for more info.

Oh, and did we mention Prima Games has strategy guides if you prefer to play through your games normally? Just throwing that out there…