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How Fortnite Could Be Better According to Game of Thrones Star Maisie Williams

by Liana Ruppert

Fortnite is a great game but it could be made better. Lucky for Epic that Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams has a few suggestions. Her big battle royale contribution? Quite a few terrible guns sacrificed for a noble cause. 

Williams, like many of us, has been stuck in quarantine for quite a bit due to COVID-19 and just like us, she’s been passing the time with the help of some good ‘ol fashioned vidja games. Her drug of choice was Fortnite, apparently, and she came up with a merging mechanic often found in simulator building games for purple and gold weaponry. 

In a recent Twitter post, the young actress took to the site to propose merging the game’s weaker weapons into higher-tiered options. “What if you could upgrade 5 terrible guns for a purple or golden gun,” she proposed. “A little treat for all of the passive players who avoid confrontation by any means necessary.” 

Not sure if passive is the way you want to go in a battle royale game, there Williams, but we can pick up what you’re putting down. It certainly would make the in-game arsenal mechanics a little more productive, but could that really work? Personally, I don’t think so. Battle Royale games are high intensity by nature – though strategic lulls do happen. By adding this merging mechanic, it would encourage more players to be ‘passive’ and hide throughout the match, which would mean slower progression, standstills, and then the mother of all clusters when the final circle arrives.

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That being said, laying in wait is a strategy that can often get players far in a match while they choose their own place for the final win. Perhaps not a general mechanic to be added then, perhaps maybe a certain mode that people could opt into if they wanted?

It’s certainly not the silliest idea and has merit, what do you think? Would you like to see a merging aspect added to Fortnite in terms of upgrading loadouts? Sound off with your thoughts on the actresses’ suggestion over on Twitter @PrimaGames. You can also visit our Fortnite game hub here for more tips, tricks, and solid news about the BR adventure. 

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