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Honkai: Star Rail May Have a Surprise Five-Star Dan Heng in its Future

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by Jordan Lemons

It just wouldn’t be a HoYoverse game if it didn’t come with its fair share of leaks. Yup, Honkai: Star Rail has already come out with its first few leaks about the game, complete with the story thus far and the types of characters we’ll come to see in the future.

Will Dan Heng Be a Five-Star Character Later in Honkai: Star Rail?

For now, we’ll only be focusing on the major concern of the next arc; will Dan Heng be receiving an upgrade? Already it looks like in the midst of the story, Dan Heng takes on a different form. His clothing appears completely different as well as his overall appearance just takes on a more ethereal form with longer hair and horns projecting from his head. 


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According to speculation amongst the leak crowd, he may even have different typings in comparison to what he usually is. In his four-star form, Dan Heng uses the Wind Element and a lance, whereas we don’t know the weapon of his Five-Star form, but he will be using the Imaginary Element and instead be a Destruction Pathfinder rather than the Hunt. 

This can be really confusing for people coming from Genshin Impact since there aren’t many characters that have repeats, but if you are coming from Honkai Impact 3rd, then this may seem so unfamiliar. It is common in Honkai Impact for characters to have repeats or otherwise different forms that will have different abilities and type roles than what is previously handed out. 

Normally these come in the form of Herrscher’s, where select characters from Honkai Impact thus transcend humanity to become envoys or omniscient beings that have superior powers and capabilities, unlike their former forms. Many of which have different roles, such as Origin, Finality, Reason, etc. 

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This would be a rather odd occurrence to appear in Honkai: Star Rail, but a fascinating turn of events given Dan Heng’s elusive past. Time will only tell what Hoyoverse plans to do with this character in the future.

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